TH Photo Editor Dave Kettering takes a selfie in Verona, Italy.

People often ask me what my favorite photo is that I have taken over my years as a photojournalist at the Telegraph Herald. I usually say something like taking a photo of the Northern Lights or something like that.

But really, I don’t have a favorite. For me the favorite isn’t really a photo but the experience taking the photo. Covering such a range of assignments, from spot news to an emotional victory at a high school state tournament, really makes this job special for me.


For many photo editors at other papers, after they become a manager they tend to become less of a photographer. I am lucky. I have a department rich in talented photographers and videographers, and that allows me to continue to shoot assignments regularly.

Don’t get me wrong, the management tasks are still a big part of my job. But when you have a great team working with you, such as our news staff, it makes my job easier.