In a society where there are options for nearly every product or service, we still have a largely one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to educating our children.

In recent years, our state legislature has questioned the wisdom of that philosophy while considering the potential benefits of making school choice a reality for Iowa children.

One pathway to true school choice is though the establishment of Education Savings Accounts.

ESAs would allow parents who choose not to enroll their children in public school to receive a deposit of state funds earmarked for education into savings accounts for restricted, but multiple, uses. Funds could be used to defray the cost of private education, tutoring, training or saved to apply to future tuition at Iowa universities and colleges.


This would allow parents to choose and to afford the education that best meets their children’s needs. Parents could choose any of the educational options in Iowa.

ESAs foster healthy competition as schools strive to improve the quality of education in order to attract students eager to learn. ESAs are a bonus to the taxpayer since ESA deposits are typically less than funding provided to public school per student. With this, the portion of the state budget allocated for education would be expected to decrease.

There is no asset more diverse than our children. One size does not fit all when it comes to their education. If you favor true choice in education, please encourage your legislators to support the establishment of Education Savings Accounts.