Tonight, I will be caucusing for Bernie Sanders because he is the most consistent, most trustworthy, and most electable candidate running for president.

In his 30 years in Congress, his platform has remained consistently on the side of the working class: expand Social Security, raise wages and union membership, take action on climate change, prevent endless wars, take profit out of health care, and stand up to the big-money interests that corrupt our government. Sanders is the only candidate who has credibly demonstrated throughout his entire political career that he won’t sell out the interests of the American people for the interests of Wall Street and corporate America.

Bernie Sanders is also the strongest candidate to take on Donald Trump. According to a recent Morning Consult poll, Sanders has a 10-point advantage over Trump among independents, a significantly larger lead than any other contender. And he is the best positioned to win the “Rust Belt” states that narrowly voted Trump into office in 2016, as Sanders has consistently fought for workers and fought against the offshoring of American jobs that has devastated that region of the country. Trump himself was caught on tape saying he was relieved that Hillary Clinton didn’t pick Bernie as her running mate in 2016, for this very reason.

Sanders is not only the strongest and most trustworthy candidate, but also the most capable of transforming our politics for the long term. I urge readers to caucus for Bernie Sanders tonight.