Letters from those supporting the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign have continued spewing the manufactured lies about President Trump. You are victims of effective brainwashing of America by a political party controlled by radical socialists who systematically allowed their cities to burn, believe abortion is not murder, lied with impunity to stop Supreme Court justices, failed to impeach the president on manufactured lies, and embrace policies that destroy jobs and give big government more control over our lives.

Democrats accomplished this supported by media that broadcasts and prints Democrat propaganda without question but fails to query Biden’s deep family ties to corruption in China and Ukraine or the jobs given to other family members. Biden’s 47-year career in Washington has done nothing for you but enriched his family and friends. Harris is openly

anti-Catholic and has the Senate’s most liberal voting record. Read the Biden/Sanders policy manifesto and discover the horrors to expect if they are elected.


Trump’s policies created the greatest economy in history, which was halted by the virus. His early actions, claimed racist by Democrats, saved thousands of lives. Months of lockdown and mask mandates cost millions of jobs and destroyed family businesses. Yet Democrats blame Trump while two-faced “leaders” like Nancy Pelosi flaunt the law in the cities they control that are now decaying cesspools of filth. Biden/Harris would allow open borders and free healthcare and education for illegals.

With traditional American values under attack, vote Republican for a secure and prosperous future.