I usually read Cynthia Tucker’s articles and bite my cheek. Sunday’s article, however has pushed me to the edge. I don’t know how the Telegraph Herald can print something so blatantly liberal.

For one thing, many of the voters she is talking about from the “Deep South” are left-wing voters who get their news from CNN. It is networks such as this that get people so riled up they buy truckloads of toilet paper.

As a “diehard supporter” of Donald Trump, and a recently retired ER nurse, I saw firsthand the Medicaid users Cynthia speaks of. Yes, many of them are hard-working minimum-


wage earners who need to have their insurance premiums subsidized. There are also quite a few who abuse the insurance for non-emergencies and run up my taxpayer bill.

I would support a co-pay for non-emergencies, so we could weed out those people who rush to the ER for the sniffles. Maybe then, Cynthia, those people who have manifestations of the virus can be seen and treated in a more expedient manner.