No one likes to think about death and dying, but it is something everyone will face eventually. With our aging population, many of us will also experience serious, chronic illness.

For over 36 years, Hospice of Dubuque has been available in our tri-state community, offering information, support and services for those dealing with life-limiting illness.

November is National Hospice Month, a time to raise awareness regarding issues surrounding the end of life and to encourage people to talk about, and plan for, the care they would like to receive when facing the final stages of aging or illness.


The best time to learn about hospice care is before a medical crisis occurs. One of the most frequent comments heard from families is, “Why did we wait so long before calling hospice?”

Our Hospice of Dubuque care team provides expert medical care to help patients manage symptoms and enjoy time with loved ones. The care team also answers

questions, offers guidance and supports caregivers in their role, and provides emotional and spiritual support for patients and families.

The goal of hospice care is quality of life in the final chapter of life. In other words, hospice is about living!

Join us during National

Hospice Month in learning more about hospice care and in spreading the word of how this care truly makes a difference in the lives of patients and families here in the tri-states.

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