It always raises my eyebrow when a sitting politician or a candidate for office won’t debate their opponent. In the case of Rep. Abby Finkenauer, she agreed to just one debate with Ashley Hinson, held late on a holiday on Labor Day. Once that box was checked, Finkenauer considered her job done.

Following that debate with still almost two months to go until the election, Hinson challenged Finkenauer to additional debates. Finkenauer declined. Why? Hinson has accepted invitations to debate her opponent from KCRG, KWWL and Iowa News Now. Finkenauer declined. Why? In 2018, Rod Blum debated Abby Finkenauer twice and challenged her to additional debates, even agreeing to debate in each county in the district. Finkenauer declined. Why?


Why is Abby Finkenauer always afraid to debate her opponents? Why is she unwilling to take the stage at every opportunity to herald all of the achievements we hear in her ads? What is she afraid of being asked in an unscripted debate? Congresswomen Finkenauer, will you please debate your opponent so voters can see first-hand where both candidates stand on key issues instead of relying on one-sided ads from both sides? If not, why?