Gas prices rising! Now only Iowans will be subject to this gas increase!

Here in Iowa, we have legislation, SF549 and HF859, up for a vote and if passed, will dictate to you what gasolines will be available in Iowa. This legislation takes away your choice to select regular unleaded non-ethanol gasoline. It will also make all retail gas stations limit their facility to one premium gas pump. It also gives Governor Reynolds the ability to change what is available going forward for Iowans! Why are we letting government take away free enterprise? Contact your representatives and senators to Vote “NO” to SF549 and HF859, now!

What’s next, will our big box stores be mandated to only sell Amana products? Will our implement dealers only be able to sell John Deere products?

The legislation limits the non-ethanol gas to a premium grade. Which we all know is 30 to 40 cents higher in price than the regular unleaded gasoline. Gas for your lawn mower, weed-whip, chain saw or your snow blower, you will pay more at the pump. These types of small engines do not run well or last long with the use of ethanol-blend gasolines.

Retail gas stations should have the right to sell the types of gasoline that their customers demand. Iowans that stand for free enterprise and opportunity of choice, call your state representatives and tell them to vote “No” to SF549 and HF859 today!

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