A vote for Dr. Mark Neumann for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd District is a vote for a national health care insurance plan (H.R. 1384) that would cover dental, hearing, vision, long-term care as well as doctor, hospital and all other health care expenses for all residents. Surveys have shown that a majority of people in the United States want a national health care plan. At the present time in Wisconsin, only one of eight Congress members has cosponsored the H.R. 1384 legislation, and that one person is not the present congressman from our 3rd District.


Dr. Neumann has stated that if elected, the first thing he would do when in office is cosponsor H.R 1384. Therefore, if we really want a health care plan which will insure that in the future none of us will have to declare bankruptcy because of health expenses, we need to vote Dr. Mark Neumann for Congress in the Aug. 11 Democratic primary. There are many reasons to vote for Dr. Neumann, but for me, this is one of the most important. Please join me in voting for Dr. Mark Neumann for Congress.