Star Parker misinformed and misled in “Other View” March 9. She talks about Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and socialism then segues to Karl Marx and communism, grabbing our attention. Star’s issue is transfer payments made by our “socialistic” government to Social Security and Medicare.

They are not transfer payments they are exchange transactions. They are not entitlements they are benefits we seniors paid for through federal income taxes.

Star’s gross error supports GOP reforms to reduce these benefits through the phony goal of reducing U.S. socialism.

Socialism makes Social Security retirement benefits still viable even though Congress has “borrowed” $2.8 trillion for pork barrel projects benefiting primarily business and the wealthy and can pay full future benefits with simple program changes. It gave seniors Medicare’s wonderful affordable healthcare now under attack by Sen. Joni Ernst’s GOP’s proposed devastating $750 billion budget cut (Trump’s 2020 defense budget).

Star intimates religious groups or charity should pick up the slack, God forbid.

Star misstates “socialism is atheistic.” There are Christian, (e.g. Pope Francis,) Islamic and Buddhist socialists, humanistic and democratic socialists. You can also throw in unions, agricultural coops, social communes etc.

Socialism is entwined in our lives, culture and government. Socialism is not communism. The two are related economically and philosophically but are very different ideologies.

It’s time writers and pundits stop making socialism a boogeyman. Star’s sloppy research delivered fake news.