Back in 2014, the late Anthony Bourdain traveled to Iran to film an episode of “Parts Unknown.”

After watching that episode, I hoped our governments would continue working to bring peace and stability to the region, and the day would eventually come when Iran would turn for the better and that many more of us could personally experience Iran as Bourdain had.

Fat chance of that happening now, thanks to President Trump having the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani assassinated. Soleimani was no angel, by any means, but killing him had the effect of uniting much of the Middle East against us and could lead to another war that our young will pay the price for. Especially now that Iran attacked a base used to house Americans in Iraq.


All this to salve Trump’s ego, satisfy his Moscow puppet master, and benefit his benefactors (especially defense contractors) who are positively salivating over the possibility of war. It will take a lifetime to repair the damage he and his ilk have wrought (if we even can).

I have a suggestion for all of Trump’s supporters regardless of age, physical condition or sex. Find a military recruiter and join up. I should drive past the recruiting office tomorrow and see it full of Trump supporters who want to fight in another GOP-inspired war.