In discussing the City of Dubuque’s plan to implement cameras to deter speeding around town, the phrase “tap the brakes” comes to mind — in more than one aspect.

The obvious one: Police Chief Jeremy Jensen is desperate to get vehicles to slow down. Jensen says speeding is a contributing factor to many crashes and the vast majority of fatal ones. With 15 vacancies in the police department, Jensen sees cameras as a force multiplier. If drivers slowed down, that would help.

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Who Knows

This city council is completely out of touch woth the people. And there is a reason they call him King Mikey.


If it is truly not about the money and revenue, start tickets at $50. That covers the $35 cost estimate of the service and gives the City $15 for traffic programs. People will always speed, even with cameras. Especially people that go excessively fast and are the cause of the high-speed crashes we wish to reduce.

Who Knows

Prosecution for profit. Turbocops are next.

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