I love driving on Dubuque streets. Yes, that’s right I love driving on our streets.

This is the only town that I know of that makes a person a better driver. Instead of driving down the street and looking at all the sites and street signs, you have to dodge all the pot holes, dips, cracks and bumps.

That makes a person a better driver because of driving defensively.

Car repairs are expensive and in order to not have many repairs in the city of Dubuque, you have to be a defensive driver.

Between the detours signs, state flowers (traffic cones) and the one-way/two-way streets, I have driven on streets that I might have never driven on in my life.

The real Railroad Avenue is actually the first few blocks of Chavenelle Drive. Take a drive on it and see what I mean.

Asbury Road close to St. Ambrose was a disaster until two blocks were repaved. But the city stopped short of making it a halfway decent street to drive on again. The other end of Asbury to University is still in need of repair. It’s a Band-Aid fix.

If you drive a four-wheel vehicle, our streets gives a new meaning to shake, rattle and roll.

Century Drive seems like it was put in a century ago.

Some man-holes (maintenance holes) are not even close to being level with the streets. They either dip, or a bump-dip-bump.

Yes, I love driving on our streets.