We have millions of illegal immigrants living in this country, mostly in California, Texas and New York. California alone has over 2 million undocumented immigrants. So, while they’re not citizens or able to vote, they have greatly affected our census counts and economy over the years. And, in so doing, a disproportionate amount of federal funding has gone to those states.

After all, billions of dollars are being allocated toward their education, health care and housing needs paid for by you and me! Plus, any of their children born in this country are entitled to all rights of an American citizen!


You also need to know, there are 435 House seats out in Washington that are apportioned to the states based upon their population. So, while Iowa’s population is slowly growing, it’s not nearly as fast as those states with undocumented residents. Which also means, those more populated states are awarded additional representatives at the expense of the smaller ones.

I should also point out, 100 years ago, Iowa had 11 U.S. representatives; today, we are now down to four. So, since Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico are seriously being considered for statehood, Iowa may be losing even more — possibly down to one or two. And, with it, not only will we lose our influence in this country, but also our political clout! (That’s because, since these states have large delegations out in Washington, they control not only the fate of various introduced bills but also the money flow!)