Although I did not vote for Donald Trump, I hoped to be able to give him credit for good actions.

I supported his Supreme Court appointees and acknowledge his role in helping our economy. However, President Trump has been anything but a respected leader and uniter. He needs constant affirmation, chaos in which to work and only people who support his positions.

His retaliation against those who do not march in his line has been most evident in the COVID-19 crisis and time of racial instability. He appeals to a person’s basest instincts.


I want a president of good moral character who does not belittle persons and who works cooperatively with others to provide solutions.

I implore those who are supporters of President Trump to re-examine what is needed in a leader: honesty, compassion, consistent policies, openness and consideration of diverse opinions, and support for not only the unborn, but for all those disenfranchised. We need to ensure he is not provided four more years of havoc in our country.