I applaud the Telegraph Herald for standing with presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand in their editorial on June 5.

Of course she was “within bounds” to criticize Fox News. However, I believe the editorial did not go far enough.

Chris Wallace’s interrupting her, and putting her in her place by insinuating that she is not polite, is the definition of sexism and misogyny.

Only a few weeks earlier, on

May 19, Wallace also hosted a town hall, that time with another presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Mayor Buttigieg, when discussing why it was important for Democrats to appear on Fox News, absolutely lambasted Fox News opinion hosts Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson by name. Wallace did not see fit to interrupt him and “protect” his network.

In comparison, what Buttigieg did was far more aggressive and impolite. It’s plain and simple. Wallace could not stand a woman walking into his “house” and criticizing it.

This is not about issues, it’s not about Democrats vs Republicans, it’s not about Fox News vs. CNN/MSNBC. This is about men insisting on controlling the narrative, and not being able to handle a strong woman.

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