I can’t help but laugh at the indignation from the people of more liberal persuasion regarding illegal immigrants supposedly being held in cages.

The famous picture of children behind chain-link fencing is what every liberal hangs their hat on. The only problem is that picture was taken in 2014, when none other than Barack Obama was president of the United States.

I learned long ago that the real criminals point the finger at someone else for their misdeeds that they in fact perpetrated.

The problem at the border can be traced beyond President Obama, and no matter how indignant the liberals try to be, they have no one to blame but their hero Obama.

Keep it up...you are not fooling anyone, except maybe yourself. If you are serious about helping the situation at the border, urge your Democratic elected officials to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Stop pointing the finger at someone to try to take the heat off of yourselves.

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