The fearfulness of conservative Democrats concerning Medicare for All begs the question as to why. Especially since polls show that the public is in favor of Medicare for All and businesses would love to have the government take that burden away.

They ignore the fact all the First World countries have this type of health care.

Some even suggested that the public should choose between private health insurance and Medicare for All. Who would choose to pay for expensive private health care instead of the government paying for it? Especially since Medicare for All includes dental care and hearing aids which are currently paid for out of a person’s pocket!

The way Medicare for All works economically is by huge administrative cost savings — over $400 billion per year.

A paper published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that nearly two-thirds of current U.S. health spending is from taxpayers. That figure would include not just Medicare and Medicaid and the Veterans Administration, things people think of as government health programs, but two other items.

First, the benefit costs of public employees, like teachers and FBI agents, which of course are paid for by the taxpayers. And the second thing is the huge tax subsidy to private health insurance, which is about $326 billion per year that the taxpayers are picking up.

The real reason conservative Democrats fear Medicare for All is that their election campaigns receive substantial amounts from the health insurance industry and, thus, they are beholden to it.

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