Dubuque has just been made aware of a Solidarity mural to be painted on the Main Street wall of Five Flags. I have objections to this project primarily because it seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to present news headlines. Shouldn’t city residents be given advance notice of something potentially controversial before it is permanently placed on city property?

A few years ago the idea of placing a mural at this same location was proposed. It was to be an image of William Intriligator directing the Dubuque Symphony. Images in the orchestra would be those of the historic figures who have played the Bijou/Majestic/Five Flags. This concept was soundly rejected by the city manager allegedly because of the unknown future of the building. Why should this be different?


Clenched fists seem to reflect violence and have represented that in the past. If a mural must be placed, something more reflective of peace would be more appropriate.