Cynthia Tucker’s column describing Mike Pence as “sanctimonious” and criticizing all those who have shown respect for President Trump is an insult to at least 72 million Americans.

She and other alleged journalists turn a blind eye on creeps like Hunter Biden, Eric Swalwell, Bill and Hillary Clinton, LBJ, the entire Kennedy family of adulterers, even the sainted philanderer FDR.

She might have a Pulitzer, but her taste in politicians befits the slime that had infested leadership of the Democrat party since the days when it fought to keep slaves in the Civil War, founded the KKK and tried in vain to stop the civil rights movement. Now it has given us a demented old fool as president, a woman with a questionable ascent to power, and dozens of longtime members of Congress and the Senate who have amassed a fortune while allegedly “serving” those who elected them.

Cynthia Tucker is an example of why most mainstream media have lost the trust and respect of a vast majority of the public.

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