The news of the possible closure of Holy Ghost and/or St. Anthony’s Elementary School(s) came as a shock to many parents. While most were aware of a declining enrollment, it felt a bit like being caught totally unaware with a very extreme solution to Holy Family’s financial woes.

As a parent of a Holy Ghost student, it is hard to fathom this “gem” on the North End of Dubuque being gone. Although it is small, it is important to the children and community of Dubuque and the North End. Holy Ghost serves a more diverse population of children — children who might not typically experience a Catholic education — due in part to the outreach of the school staff and families that attend. I hope that Holy Family recognizes the importance of being inclusive to those children being in the system as it strives to recruit and retain students.

Additionally, the small size — which some see as a detriment — allows for meaningful relationships to form between staff and students. I know, personally, it is why we have chosen to have our child remain as a student at Holy Ghost.

I hope those in charge of this decision understand this. Many of us chose Holy Ghost for the very reasons the existence of it is in question. While it might be seen as a burden on paper, it is much more than that to the children of Holy Ghost.