It is not the job of government to help or hinder private business. The copious amounts of money proposed to be lavished on businesses to help them out of an economic crisis will not go well. The 1 percenters will skim their 99% off the top, leaving the other 99% of us with the leftover 1%.

The stock market — and private business in general — is a roll of the dice shot, maybe better odds than a casino, but still: You win some; you lose some. Nothing’s guaranteed.

Experience from post-911 and the Great Recession of 2008 should be remembered. It was not that long ago. There were examples rife with shady deals as the greedy and well-connected made out handsomely, while the average dude is still trying to catch up with his losses. Also, the absurd idea of writing little checks to individuals will be another checkered exercise in futility. Most will use the money judiciously, maybe slogging through another couple of weeks, but the opportunity to blow the cash will be most tempting, and too predictable.


And where is this bailout money coming from? Us. Yes, they can print more, but eventually all the paper will be used up as toilet paper, and there is not enough papyrus left.

As Illinois Sen. Everett Dirkson famously said, “A billion here, a billion there. Pretty soon you’re talking about real money.” Just replace the “B” with “T.”