I was pleased to see the front page article on Tuesday, Sept. 8 regarding the Alpaca farm in Jackson County. I know the ag industry has some serious challenges right now. It is encouraging to see a local farm family succeed with a non-traditional venture. I’m sure the Delaney family works hard at their business, as do all small businesses owners.

It was also a bonus in the same issue, to see the article about the Rea family near Bernard and Fillmore and how they have grown and preserved their family farm and diversified their ag options. Family farms are disappearing from Iowa , so it is encouraging to see the Rea family farm grow with new ventures and a new generation.


Thanks to the TH for featuring a few of the local farm families recently, like the Moores, Delaneys and the Reas.

We need to remember how the USA was built. Small businesses, family farms and capitalism.