Gun violence is a uniquely American problem. Other countries have video games. Other countries have citizens struggling with their mental health, but it is our country that has made a habit of burying our children before their time because we allow weapons of war on our streets.

I am tired of waking up to mass shooting after mass shooting. We need leaders with bold, innovative ideas who can bring this country together to solve this gun violence epidemic once and for all.

I believe Cory Booker is that kind of leader. Cory has put forward the most comprehensive plan to end gun violence with data-driven solutions that are supported by a majority of Americans, including gun owners.

His plan is based on the simple idea that if you need a license to drive a car, you need a license to own a gun.

Cory would also enact universal background checks, close the “Boyfriend Loophole” that allows unmarried perpetrators of domestic violence to purchase weapons, and modernize the agencies and laws that track down illegal guns.

Despite what politicians bought and paid for by the NRA might say, Cory isn’t trying to take away guns from responsible gun owners. In fact, by federalizing our gun licensing standards, he would put an end to the confusing patchwork of licensing laws that differ from state to state.

I encourage everyone to read his plan with an open mind, and join me in caucusing for Cory Booker on Feb. 3.

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