It’s unbelievable how the Republicans — at the national and state level — are trying to rewrite history when it comes to how they have handled the COVID-19 situation If you look at almost any other country you can see it didn’t have to be this way. The United States is becoming the laughing stock of the world.

We are crying out for new leadership. At the local level, Kriss Marion is the only candidate for the 51st State Assembly who recognizes the dire situation and has solutions. As a Lafayette County supervisor who is on her county’s Health Department committee, she is pushing for easily accessible testing for the spiking COVID rates and statewide guidelines — instead of the 72-county chaos we currently have.


Compare her position to that of Todd Novak, her opponent. He is part of the Republican-controlled State Legislature which has done everything it can to avoid leading us out of this mess.

Being a citizen today is such hard work when we are bombarded with false and dangerous information from Washington D.C. and the State Republican Legislature. If you want this country to move in a positive direction, I respectfully encourage you to vote for Kriss Marion to the State Assembly and Joe Biden for president.