I always wondered how a town of 57,882 people has received five recognition awards within 12 years as an All-America City. Sounds great, right? Except for the fact we will no longer be called a metropolitan city and be listed as micropolitan. I like those expressions — micro vs. metro.

I recognize we have crime and drug use, but I like less crime, less drug use and smaller taxes (small town vs. big city) that our community brings. They want more funding through grants; in the end, the taxpayers get the final tab! If the federal agencies of Management and Budget process this bill as expected, it would leave the offices of city manager, CEO of Greater Dubuque Development and CEO of chamber of commerce with direct remarks such as “Wipe Dubuque off the map,” “Either you’re on the metro list or you’re not” and “If we’re not on the metro list, we’re just flyover country.” (Direct quotes, TH 3/10/21). Sounds like doomsday for Dubuquers!

Bottom line, we don’t need to give Fortune 500 companies (IBM) $50 million in 2009 (city and state incentives) just to take advantage and leave 10 years later or $10.2 million for a furniture company (Flexsteel) to leave in less than three years. Maybe city leaders need to change.

Unless an interstate goes through your community, you will always be an oversized Epworth (love Epworth), but if you want big metro, then move there and see if the “status” is all that great!

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