Non-dog owners have to outnumber dog owners by 20 to 1 in Dubuque.

A vast majority of these people have said no dogs in city parks in Dubuque. So what is the article on the front page of the Telegraph Herald on Aug. 9? No means no and I don’t live in every other city in Iowa, I live in Dubuque.

These dog owners led by Kate Larson won’t take no for an answer. They have to keep dragging up the subject because they are bound and determined to get their way even though they are in the minority.

I like dogs in the correct situation. My pheasant hunting buddy has a German Shorthair down on his 1,100-acre farm. Max has the run of the farm and hunts during pheasant season.

Dogs should not be allowed at Farmers Market. Last week, dogs crowded my granddaughter off the sidewalk and jumped up on her. No more Farmers Market for us.

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