For 245 years, America’s good fortune has been guided by two profound documents — the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Every day we see the Biden (mis)-administration ignore these magnificent charters.

1. Allowing an unpredicted invasion of our borders and providing benefits to these invaders funded by our already overtaxed income.

2. The complete mishandling of Afghanistan resulted in death, abandonment and a loss of respect worldwide.

3. Mandating vaccinations and threatening firing for those who don’t comply. In the health care industry, this has created unprecedented staff shortages.

4. Imprisoning hundreds of citizens for a demonstration at the Capitol which was falsely called an armed insurrection

5. Using compliant media to suppress news of Biden family corruption.

Ms. Chavenelle’s recent letter encouraged you to vote according to whom the candidate voted for president last year. I agree. Voting for any Democrat for any office, local, state, or federal endorses and encourages the destruction of our Republic.

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