This letter is in response to the Jan. 30 letter concerning the 1776 commission which extolled the propriety of the report they engendered. The letter extolled the many authors of the report as historians, lawyers, etc. and their findings included recognition of the failings of our system of government in the past.

What the letter did not include was the context, meaning the presidential administration at the time of the forming of said commission.

The last administration, far from embodying the outlines included in the Constitution, lied to the American public about many things, including size of the crowd at the inauguration, the danger and scope of the current pandemic, the public benefits of a free press, the tens of thousands of fact-checked tweets were recently listed in the New York Times.

This is the first time in our America that I see propaganda at full force. I have read many books about propaganda in Germany at the time of the Third Reich. William Shirer, the famed reporter, was there at the time.

We need to stand up to this, America.

This country has been a beacon of freedom for many immigrants over 200-plus years, do not let the misogyny and bigotry of the last four years inform your mind. We are better than this.

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