While looking at the Dubuque County Courthouse across the Mississippi from East Dubuque, I wondered how Dubuque County would react if a few thousand protesters marched down Central Avenue to protest. How about the Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids?

Would they react like the mayors of Seattle and Portland when federal buildings were attacked and damaged in the name of “Summer Of Love?” Why were these “protesters” given a pass by local government officials when attacking U.S. Marshals and destroying government property? That was dangerous and an attack on our democracy, with much more physical damage.

Twitter, Facebook and Parler censoring President Trump for telling his supporters to march to the White House is as dangerous as the inaction of the governor and mayors in Oregon. The worldwide White Supremacy group — AZOV — is still recruiting and Iran’s Ayatollahs still chant “Death to Americans” on Facebook.


Joy Behar and Maxine Waters have openly claimed the president should “be taken out” in public meetings and on “The View.” These mayors, some congresswomen and men, TV celebrities, AZOV, and Iran should be censored for inciting an attack on the president. But censoring speech is not the American way, is it?

Finally, the constant statements in the news that the president’s accusations of voter fraud have been rejected multiple times. When, and if, the offending six states decide to follow the U.S. and their own constitution and finally look at the evidence, then we might see democracy again, won’t we?