The Dubuque County Conservation Board got it right! Now is the time to pave a section of Heritage Trail. It seems members of the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors have been dragging their feet for years on the trail issue.

Here in Winneshiek County, crushed limestone was used on the Prairie Farmer Trail between Calmar and Cresco for a few years ... it didn’t work all that well. After the county replaced the crushed limestone with asphalt, trail use picked up substantially. We in Decorah and surrounding Winneshiek County have been blessed with paved trails for many years and are still adding new sections to our Trout Run Trail system.

Take a few minutes and Google Winneshiek County Trails, or better yet, come up to Decorah and spend a day or two to see what we have to offer, and what Dubuque County could have.

Also, in the future, paving a section of Heritage Trail between Dyersville and north Farley could be a great addition for Dubuque County residents of that area.

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