I have been purchasing my health insurance on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange for five years. I also have pre-existing conditions. I am employed part time so I do not qualify for employer sponsored insurance. I have a son with a disability who relies on Medicare/Medicaid for healthcare and supports and services.

The Trump administration and Republican members of Congress have been trying to overturn and sabotage the ACA for three years. Unable to do so through legislation, the Trump administration ended the individual mandate. The administration now attempts repeal through the court system. If repealed, premiums will skyrocket.

Prior to the ACA, Americans were denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Lifetime caps on health insurance left many Americans without health coverage. If repealed, coverage for people with pre-existing conditions will be gone.


Currently, 20 million Americans have healthcare because of the ACA. In Iowa, close to 50,000 people have health insurance because of the ACA. Another 135 million Americans cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Virtually all Americans benefit from the ACA because of its requirement to cover many preventive services.

Additionally, the Trump administration has proposed cuts to the Medicaid program that could impact my son.

It is up to the citizens of Iowa and the United States to stand up and protect our healthcare. No matter the outcome of the courts, we must hold the Trump administration and our elected officials accountable because millions of Americans could lose their healthcare.