“We the People” have many diverse needs, wants, desires and faiths — that’s OK. By original design, our nation has people from many countries and cultures blending into one large body of people. We learn, enjoy different foods, and adapt many different approaches to challenges.

This body of people has been forever evolving and changing, and that has sparked and driven one of the most successful nations in the history of mankind. We must continue changing, providing fairness, equality and human rights, for all our diverse people.

As we approach 250 years as a nation, we need to remember how our system is designed to work. We have free speech — all viewpoints have the right to be heard, without oppression. Our political system provides candidates and a free election process. Free press allows the media to monitor and report to us how our elected officials are debating ideas, compromising and voting. Elected officials should debate views, come to agreement and move our nation forward in a unified way.


Participate in our government and election process. Listen to the candidates’ ideas and provide input. They are supposed to represent the public’s majority viewpoint — not the viewpoint of their biggest financial donors. Elect people you think have the best ability to work with others and compromise.

Vote early, by mail or in person. Our votes will determine the future of us. Our country is not perfect, but is still almost 250 years of the best the world has seen.