For parents out there looking for the best education for their children, there are a lot of options to choose from, and one may not be so obvious.

Over the past week, two media outlets, including this paper, have conducted stories about how Holy Ghost Elementary School has taken the initiative to enhance students’ learning experience.

Holy Ghost incorporated a mentoring program that provides one-on-one tutoring to help students progress and prepare for their next level of education. This, on top of the Personalized Learning program Holy Ghost is also running, is giving their students the most advanced education Dubuque has to offer and is available to anyone, not just Holy Spirit parishioners.

I’m promoting Holy Ghost because my son is directly benefiting from these services, and I want to raise awareness in the hope it will draw more interest for future students.

Despite these wonderful programs, Holy Ghost is under consideration for closure by the Holy Family system. Low enrollment is the underlying reason, and I’m taking a stand to prevent this from happening.

The culture at Holy Ghost is unlike anything you’ll experience at other schools. They’re extremely welcoming to everyone, providing a family like atmosphere the kids flourish in. They’re the most diverse school within Holy Family, making it the perfect fit for any family to join.

Financial aid is also available, making it affordable for everyone.

I strongly encourage to take a tour and see the positive difference Holy Ghost can provide your child.