Greetings, readers, and welcome to the first print edition of the new Telegraph Herald, coming to you hot off the press in Platteville, Wis.

I hope your paper got to you in a timely fashion this morning and that you are able to find the content you’re looking for, even though things are moved around a bit. Last night was the first time the presses rolled on the new-look TH at Woodward Printing Services. Those of us at the TH in Dubuque and our colleagues at the printing plant are excited to bring printing back home to the tri-states.

I’d ask for your patience with us as we adjust to the smaller size and a new printer. There will be growing pains, and we might have to do some rearranging. But we’ll keep tweaking things until we get it right.


Press configurations dictate which pages can accommodate color photos and which cannot. That becomes important, considering there are some pages on which we always want to have color photos — such as the obituary page and most local news pages. Also, it’s ideal if key pages that readers look for are in the same spot most of the time.

So for weeks we have been testing various layout combinations, depending on the number of pages in the paper — which depends on the number of ads in the paper — and we hope to have a fairly set pattern that readers can grow accustomed to. For example, you’ll find the lifestyle section with arts and entertainment, food, health, religion and other features, on page 7A most days. As always, the index on the front page can direct you to the pages you’re looking for.

I hope after the a week or so, we’ve got a solid handle on the new protocols, and I hope by then you are navigating the TH as usual. Thanks for your patience and your feedback.

Check out eEdition extras

Whether you are a longtime user of the eEdition, the digital replica of the TH available via the TH app or on, you might have noticed the red circles on some stories. A dedicated reader noted that I hadn’t mentioned those in my column, and wondered about the addition. Then he emailed me again to say he had clicked on the circles and answered the question himself.

The red circles are an indication that there are extra photos, graphics or video to accompany that story. Many times when our photographers shoot an assignment — and almost always when the assignment is an event — they come back with multiple images suitable for publication. While we have limited space for photos in the print edition, and no way to give you video on paper, those extras have long been available on our website. Now we’ve made a change to make them available in our eEdition as well.

Check out the eEdition on your computer, tablet or smartphone and click the red dots for extra visual content.

Congratulate Judy Wolf in print instead of in person

Although we won’t be able to honor our TH First Citizen Award recipient with our usual celebration, we do want members of our local community to pass along their congratulations and tributes to our honoree, Judy Wolf.

Community members can send personal well wishes to Judy Wolf at All submissions will be published in a special keepsake section of the TH on Jan. 28. Don’t miss this opportunity to honor our amazing award recipient.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s event will be a small, family reception held Thursday, Jan. 28. The event will include a livestreamed program that can be viewed at beginning at 6 p.m.

Email Gilligan at