Harvard professor Harvey Silverglate estimated that the United States is so over-criminalized, the average American professional commits about three felonies a day. Yet Democrats are so hapless they came up empty after spending the entire year conducting “investigations” in desperate attempts to find something — anything — illegal to pin on President Trump.

Early in the year, special prosecutor Robert Mueller concluded, after nearly two years of investigation, there was no “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. Using ambiguities (possibly purposeful) in the report, Democrats then pursued Trump for allegedly “obstructing” Mueller’s inquisition. When that didn’t play, they unveiled and executed their impeachment charade.

In the course of impeachment, Democrats demonstrated disgust for due process by completely denying it to President Trump. They showed their regard for privacy rights by procuring the personal phone records of political rivals and their hypocrisy in then demanding privacy for the “whistleblower.”


The party of “fairness” further proceeded to selectively leak secret testimony and those phone records to their media parrots. Relying solely on hearsay, Democrats, plainly consumed with hate for President Trump, have made personal disdain and policy difference the new standard for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

But these partisan political revelations may pale next to the expose likely coming from U. S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into what appears to be — at best unethical, but more likely criminal — activities by Obama political appointees and various partisan bureaucrats, targeting, initially, the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration.

While Democrats, career bureaucrats and their media allies wasted the entire year attempting to undo the election of 2016, President Trump continued to pursue his pro-growth, pro-freedom, and pro-American agenda with obvious success.

Illegal border crossings are dropping. The wall is being built. The “Space Force” is funded. Judges who legislate from the bench are being replaced by constitutional jurists. Justice system reforms are being implemented. Freedom of religion is an administration priority. And, despite recent deployments to protect our embassy in Baghdad in order to prevent another Benghazi, Trump’s promise to remove our young women and men from harm’s way far from home is proceeding.

But perhaps the most obvious and visible highlight of 2019 — as well as the most impactful to the lives of all citizens — was the revelation of what the free market can do when it is unburdened from onerous regulation; when taxation is less confiscatory; and when bureaucratic meddling is minimized. The American economy is booming, on both Wall Street and Main Street.

The middle class by historical measures is fully employed with rising incomes. We are in the midst of the longest job-growth streak on record, with minority unemployment at an all-time low, women’s unemployment at a 65-year low and unemployment overall at a 50-year low.

The tax cuts passed by Republicans and signed by President Trump have resulted in billions of investment funds flooding back into the USA. The NFIB’s small business index broke a 35-year-old record. All this despite universal Democrat opposition.

With wages and median household income rising, millions of Americans are off food stamps, home ownership is up and poverty rates for minorities are at the lowest levels ever recorded. In short, dependency on government — the necessary condition for left-wing Democrat power — is being replaced by opportunity.

With most Americans enjoying and benefiting from the Trump prosperity, it’s laughable to see Democrats make pathetic appeals for votes from a middle class for whom they’ve never provided anything but talk. Perhaps the average citizen will finally recognize the unmistakable fact that the rhetoric (and policies) of Democrats (and socialists) cannot match the results of the Trump economic agenda.

Giese, a Dubuque native, owns Jim Giese Commercial Roofing. His email address is jimgiese@me.com.