COVID-19 cases in Dubuque County are increasing, yet thanks to Gov. Kim Reynolds, test site days have been cut from four to three, and testing hours have been cut from 16 hours a week to three. The number of tests have been reduced from approximately 2,000 a week to 300. Fewer tests, fewer cases to report? Dubuque’s numbers should look great by fall! (Except, perhaps, for increased hospitalizations and deaths.)

The pandemic is winning.

Reynolds also mandates that schools reopen. The Dubuque Community School District develops a plan. School board members meet in June. Four members attend in person, four members attend by Zoom. In July the board meets again. Four members attend in person, three members attend by Zoom, and one is absent. If half of the board members do not feel physically safe attending a meeting, why are they approving the reopening of schools?


The pandemic is winning.

Congratulations to the DCSD on receiving a $21,100 grant from the Greater Dubuque Disaster Recovery Fund to purchase thermometers for every family. Most children who have COVID-19, and many adults, are asymptomatic, yet can still transmit the virus. Many children present symptoms other than fever. So many thermometers, so much winning.

Everyone, including this retired DSCD teacher, wants to see schools reopen safely. Schools are indeed opening safely in countries around the world in which they have flattened the curve. Not here. Cases and deaths are increasing. The pandemic is winning.