Once again, the Telegraph Herald front page proves their obvious need to be a mirror to the National Enquirer.

It’s just a matter of time before we see aliens and bat boys on the front page.

To write an unbalanced story is not journalism. It’s one-sided hearsay. When it claims to speak for the dead because the family has too much class and respect to comment to a reporter who seeks sensationalism over journalism, it is tantamount to lies and slander.

Obviously, the dead cannot defend themselves and a grieving family should not have to. The Telegraph Herald also manages to insult all those who have had a depressive episode, whether they were a troubled or lost teenager, a stressed college student or maybe an adult trying to make ends meet and feed the children.

As usual, all one can do when coming across our local “news” paper is consider the source, which seems to be sans facts, unlike the legal system which has already made its decision.

Editor’s note: The article referenced was “Buelow: Present Link’s medical records” (May 28), which was based on documents filed by the defendant’s attorneys and the Iowa attorney general.

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