As a professional musician, mother and longtime Dubuque resident, I feel compelled to announce my support for David Resnick in his bid for mayor of Dubuque.

In every type of interaction I have had with David, he consistently presents himself as a consummate, dedicated professional. David and I have worked/played together in many musical settings, and I am always impressed by his work ethic as well as his enthusiasm and creativity. He has proven time and again to be a wonderful role model for my young son, both as a friend and a supporter of the arts. As the director of the Northeast Iowa School of Music, he is always thinking, planning, brainstorming, improving, exploring new ideas and thinking outside the box. Resnick is also an independent thinker.

As a member of the Dubuque City Council for the past 14 years, David has demonstrated time and again that he will not allow any organizations to put him in their back pockets. He is also a family man who is committed to the city he loves and serves. Trustworthy, committed, experienced, a natural-born strong, confident leader ... for the future, positive growth of Dubuque, I feel fortunate to be able to have a candidate like David Resnick on the ballot.

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