Iowa Republicans advanced numerous bills intended to improve workforce development ahead of Friday’s funnel deadline. Lawmakers looking to stem the devastating workforce shortage pushed bills to change aspects of state code regulating the work minors can do, a measure that would allow immigrant physicians’ medical degrees from certain countries to qualify them to practice in Iowa and a bill requiring school administrators to teach some classes to alleviate workforce strain in education.

Whatever we can do to keep Iowa’s workforce strong, they say. Lawmakers are lifting every legislative rock to find ways to address the challenge. We agree — workforce is critical and it’s good to see lawmakers looking for every angle to broaden our pool of applicants.

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Darlene S

So morality should take a back seat to financial considerations?


What exactly is immoral about teaching diversity Darlene?

Darlene S

Diversity? "Requiring students of any age to use restrooms and locker rooms associated with the sex assigned to them at birth."


As a life long Iowan, I'm working in another state that is not hostile to employees like Iowa has become under Republican control.


Guess the TH editorial board should have considered these issues when broad brush endorsing Republican candidates last election cycle….,

Who Knows

There is nothing wrong with protecting children or their parents' rights to make decisions for their children.


What are parents protecting their children from? An imaginary boogie man.

Who Knows

Exactly. People imagining they are something they are not.


I agree 100%. If my children weren't grown, I'd seriously consider moving from Iowa. As is, they have left as have their friends, taking considerable talents elsewhere. This hate-filled and self serving rhetoric of Kim Reynolds and her cronies is forcing us backwards to places we fought to evolve

from. It's embarrassing to say I'm from this Iowa!


Then move out

Who Knows


Who Knows

Why is the left so insistent on sexualizing children?

Rural Girl

What parent wants to move to Iowa when Republicans' top priorities are defunding schools, banning books, and openly discriminating against Iowans?

Who Knows

Who wants to constantly bow to special interest groups and groomers?

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