It has been five years since former Gov. Terry Branstad and our current governor, Kim Reynolds, decided to privatize our Medicaid system.

Every year, we hear promises of improving this disastrous system and that things are getting better. To date, there has been no significant improvement. We are fortunate to have leaders in our Legislature like Sen. Pam Jochum who continue to introduce and support legislation that will fix this broken system. Unfortunately, the majority party has made this a partisan issue and people with disabilities, low-income Iowans, and many of our senior citizens are left waiting for change.

It also impacts their families by requiring them to become their only consistent caregivers due to a shortage of direct support professionals. The shortage has been created in part due to the low wages they receive. Many of our physically disabled friends have to fight to obtain even the most basic needs, such as getting out of bed for the day, dressing, bathing, and the list goes on.

Please call your local legislators and ask them why no progress has been made in the last five years. #WeCan’tWait #UpgradeMedicaid.

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