In response to the Mount Rushmore article (July 10) penned by Gary Olsen. I spy a lot of missing and ignored information. I did see you mention the indigenous people of the land, but not nearly in proportion to their involvement.

Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills are indeed sacred to the Lakota Sioux. The majority of the sacred land was given and then taken away from the original occupants within a few short years of each other. Each and every president sculpted in “honor” on Mount Rushmore never did anything to stop the genocide or theft of sacred land anywhere in North America.


Imagine if you will that the Italians decided the Vatican City was just another piece of land and tore it down to build condos. Then they built a monument to their political leaders right on the Pope’s house. I think there would be some very angry, frustrated and unhappy white Catholic people.

At the end of the day, or in this case the end of the existence of multiple nations, the people with the deadliest, largest army wins. So when you visit Mount Rushmore and buy your Native American trinkets, hold them tight because those people are dying out and maybe you can kill their spirit one more time and sell it on Ebay as something from an extinct race. Goody for the white people and their pretty presidents on a rock.