Every day in this nation, 300 of our family members and fellow American citizens are shot. Fifty of them are children and youth under the age of 18. Of the 300 Americans shot every day, 100 will die from their wounds.

You can help reduce this carnage with your vote for candidates who will reverse this rising scourge of gun violence.

The Dubuque Coalition for Nonviolence has prepared a Voter Guide which clearly states the gun-violence position of each candidate on ballots within Dubuque county. The most telling measure here is how the candidate supports the corporate gun lobby. This Gun Violence Voter Guide states the National Rifle Association rating of each candidate indicating whether they support the lobbyists’ push to enable the sale and use of deadly weapons, including those designed to kill humans. While I’m not suggesting that you become a one-issue voter, I encourage you to consider this issue as you make your voting decisions.


The Voter Guide also highlights Iowa candidates’ position on SJR 18, a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution which the gun lobby pushed through the Iowa House and Senate last year. This “strict scrutiny” amendment could endanger existing laws protecting citizens and make it harder to pass new legislation regulating deadly weapons. Your votes could stop the progress of this amendment.

See the Dubuque CNV Voter Guide at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dbqcnv.

Please view the guide and discuss this with family, friends and neighbors. This carnage has got to stop!

The author is president of the Dubuque Coalition for Nonviolence.