The presence of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on Dubuque County roads is opposed by the county sheriff, county attorney, and the companies that manufacture these vehicles.

Unfortunately, our County Supervisors Jay Wickham and Dave Baker have chosen to ignore these opinions.

To compound the error, they have now chosen to ignore much of the advice from the county engineer who recommended that ATVs be excluded from all Class B and Class C roads. Wickham and Baker have voted to allow them on all B and C roads unless a road is specifically excluded. In addition, they intend to allow ATVs on certain roads which the county engineer had hoped to keep out of bounds.


For example, the county attorney is of the opinion that ATVs should be kept off the stretch of Asbury Road between the Asbury city limits and Sundown Road. This is a heavily traveled road where ATVs just don’t belong. Baker and Wickham disagree. They have voted to allow them on all of Asbury Road up to the Asbury city limits.

Supervisors Wickham and Baker have always struck me as being reasonable individuals, but on the question of ATVs on county roads they are going off course.