You need not be a veteran or enlisted person to understand something of service and sacrifice. All of us know those who have served. Some are Republicans, some Democrats; it doesn’t matter. If they served honorably, they earned our respect, ongoing support, and sometimes our awe.

The president is reported to have marveled that an intelligent man, the chair of the Joint Chiefs, would join the military. He said to John Kelly, at his son’s grave in Arlington, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” The rest of the report is similarly distressing. Americans who were captured or killed in battle he calls losers and suckers.

His derision of Senator McCain and of the Gold Star family, the Khans, is well-known. So his comments are not completely surprising, but are still appalling, coming from the commander in chief. They make questions about his failure to respond, in any way at all, to Vladimir Putin placing a bounty on our troops, more urgent.


How can you be a patriot, much less president, if you don’t understand service and sacrifice?

The president’s attitude and statements are an affront to every veteran, POW, military family, and enlisted person, and should be condemned by every member of Congress and every editor. If he understands honor, he will resign.