The recent 2020 primary election in Iowa had no problems, no fraud and a high turnout. One would think that this is good news for Iowa. Not so for a majority of legislators.

They totally denied the findings of the Brennan Center at the New York Law School, which states that more than 250 million votes were cast using the U.S. Postal Service during the last 20 years without any significant problems.

In the middle of a pandemic that has killed nearly 700 Iowans, a number that is growing, Republicans want to suppress the vote of ordinary citizens by prohibiting the secretary of state from sending out general request forms for absentee balloting, by requiring voters to add an extra step to the process by first requesting the application for an absentee ballot and by further complicating the process by requiring difficult and possibly confusing requirements, a late-night addition to the original bill.


The last thing Iowans need is for the Legislature to make voting more difficult, especially for senior citizens, workers with limited flexibility for voting on election day and for people who have physical challenges to get to the polls.

Unfortunately, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bill.

I have a heavy heart for the people of Iowa who will now be forced to struggle with additional burdens in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote.