Words that haven’t appeared in the news lately: Global warming, climate change, impeach Trump, Mueller Report, Inspector General Report, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, socialism, Russian collusion.

Funny how quickly seemingly important things become faint echoes in the past. You have to feel especially sorry for the global warming crowd. Here they were, scaring half the world to death with dire predictions, 10, 20, 30 years until we were all drowned. The trouble is a lot of unforeseen things pop up in long range predictions. Hello COVID-19!


Just go back one or two years. Can you find even one or two so-called experts who were predicting the state of the world we are in today? Nope. Nada. None. Makes you wonder just a little about “experts” doesn’t it? Could other experts be wrong about global warming? Just asking. Yesterday, today and tomorrow we have had and will have a host of highly intelligent degree earners with “doctor” preceding their names forecasting and advising about the virus. And a couple days later revising their most recent conclusions.

And then there is the Center for Disease Control, which was woefully unprepared and still behind in many respects. A little long-range vision in the past might have helped. All those wonderful “experts” under one roof, and not one of them said, “Maybe we should stock up on masks and ventilators just in case.”