Climate change has taken center stage in the Democratic primary. Each candidate has ideas, but Cory Booker’s plans to deal with the crisis stand out.

While I’m still undecided for whom I’ll caucus, Sen. Booker’s thoughts grabbed my attention because of his commitment to environmental justice.

Booker is the only candidate who lives in a community below the poverty line and sees the issues of environmental injustice every day.

One example: Cory knows that corporate polluters are devastating our nation’s most vulnerable communities.

To combat this, he would triple the Superfund tax and unleash the EPA and the Justice Department, empowering them to hold these companies accountable. Because of these massive corporate polluters, low-income children have a far higher rate of asthma than their wealthier counterparts.

Now consider rising global temperatures, the fact that asthma is the No. 1 reason children miss school and that heat triggers asthma attacks, and this corporate impact

becomes even more alarming.

Booker effectively started tackling this issue during his time as mayor of Newark. He partnered with urban farmsteads to plant more trees, pulling carbon out of the air and cooling the city.

Similarly, he plans on subsidizing small family farms here in Iowa to plant more cover crops, bringing that strategy to the national stage.

He is well-suited to unite the country around our common purpose of solving the climate crisis; his record in Newark speaks for itself.

I encourage you to visit to see the rest of his comprehensive climate plans.

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