Notes from a reporter at the platform meeting of a political party in 2008 — parenthetical words are the reporter’s notes:

1. Make political ads exempt from the truth and appoint judges to uphold this. (It’s OK to lie, cheat and be a bully as

long as we get what we want?)


2. Governors and the president have their own personal

militia to enforce their rules.( Sounds like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Nazi Germany).

3. People can vote the party, the party will pick the politicians. (Democracy at work?)

4. Don’t pay taxes, why should we pay to improve the lives

of others? Tell the people it’s a tax rebate then to balance the budget we can reduce funding for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and schools. (Not Christian ideals?)

5. Support the police and military and allow everyone to

carry guns to help the police. Vigilante groups to help stop riots, shootings and chaos. (Will this work? it never worked in the past.)

6. Promote anti-abortion laws. (Will you ever change abortion laws or do we need this to attract voters?)

7. Eliminate the Bureau of Land Management and replace it with private management. (This was tried in the past when the land was sold to savvy people for $1/ acre. The Bureau of Land Management was developed to stop this greed).

These are a few of the ideas they discussed that sounded unreal at the time. However, present-day politics sounds like

we want to do many of them.