Lately we’ve been seeing statements posted on social media, in letters to the editor and other public arenas by those who claim people who say they are “pro-life” are really only “pro-birth” meaning they only care about the babies until they’re born. The people who spout this lie should be ashamed of themselves as nothing could be further from the truth.

Pro-lifers care about the dignity of life from the moment of conception to natural death and all the stages in-between. Pro-lifers are the ones who adopt unwanted babies, who provide a home for homeless women and children, who selflessly foster babies, children and teens, who organize the “Friends of the Poor Walk,” who work against human trafficking, who volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul, who donate to the food banks, who make clothes and blankets for the needy, who care for the sick, who are involved with jail and prison ministry, who volunteer for hospice and when they can’t do these things themselves, they donate to those causes.


Before ignorant people make this unfounded allegation again they need to educate themselves on all the things pro-lifers in this community do that span the life spectrum.

The author is the director of Mary’s Inn Maternity Home in Dubuque.